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Heinz Pfeifer’s

«The Brotherhood of the Shadows»

Basel 2011, Translation of the 4th completely reworked German edition (2010) by Graham B. Rickett

See Editors Preface and chapter one. All informations here. Review in the Journal «Sphere» of the Anthroposophical Society of New Zealand

250 pages, € 32, £ 25, $ 38, world wide incl. postage

Available from: Lochmann-Verlag, P.O.Box 58, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland- Email: info@lochmann-verlag.com

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Some translated Articles from our Newsletter

Symptomatologische Illustrationen:

Why Brussels, Why Belgium? (no. 21-22);

The “open conspiracy” (no. 36);

The General Anthroposophical Societies (no. 38);

Conspiracy Theories – Tsunami (no. 43);

Occult Monetary Mechanism (no. 43);

Power over the Weather (no. 48);

Angie – an American girl in Berlin (no. 52);

Democratic Ideology, Terrorism and World Domination (no. 60);

The economic well-being of us all is under threat from national and multinational banks (no. 70);

Afghanistan’s wealth of raw material and minerals (no. 74);

Towards Global Domination (no. 75);

The Flux of World Events (no. 94);

Judith von Halle’s “Time Travel” (no. 94);

Where do a person’s bad qualities come from (no. 95);

What Hope is left for the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung and Verlag (no. 96);

Geopolitical Chess-Moves in the Ukraine (no. 98);

Anthroposophy on the Way to an Occult Shambles! & Ukraine (no. 100);

A Message from the Editor of the German language “Steiner Critical Edition” (no. 119);

Wake up to the creeping Marxist World Revolution (no. 126)

– All articles are translated by Graham Rickett


Werner Hartinger

«Basic Principles of Future Research into Human Health»

«Anthroposophy and Animal Protection»


Rudolf Menzer:

«The General Anthroposophical Society of Christmas 1923

– What happened to it? – And why may the facts not be disclosed?» Parts 1-7

2009, 51 pages, € 5.-/$ 8.- (from newsletter no. 60-67)


Irina Gordienko:

«Sergei O. Prokofieff: Myth and Reality»

2001, 196 pages, $ 32, £ 15, € 21

Author’s Foreword – Chapter One: How the Myth Arose – Chapter Two: Prokofieff’s Concept of Evolution – Chapter Three: The Spiritual World and its Beings in the View of S. Prokofieff – See review in the Newspaper “Sphere” of the New Zealand Society.


G. A. Bondarev‘s unreleased book

«The Crisis of Civilization»

Foreword to the 1st and 2nd Edition – Chapter 1: Ships and Destinies – Chapter 2: On the Question of Christian Ethics – Chapter 3: The Archetypal Phenomena of the Social Life of Modern Times – Chapter 4: Out of the History of the Main Spiritual Streams of Humanity – Chapter 5: The Shadow of Roman Imperialism – Chapter 6: Britanno-Americanism, Latinism, Bolshevism – Chapter 7: The Spiritual Life of Europe and the Crisis of Freemasonry – Chapter 8: Freemasonry, Britannicism and Jesuitism – Chapter 9: The Unity of Shadow Occultism – Chapter 10: World and Power – Chapter 11: Materialism, Ceremonial Magic. The Battle Against Christianity – Chapter 12: Middle Europe – Chapter 13: Germany and the Two World Wars – Chapter 14: The Problem of Messianism in the World Today – Chapter 16: The Spiritual Configuration of Europe – Chapter 17: Russia and the “Socialistic Experiment” – Chapter 18: Russia and the Antagonism of “Eurasians and “Atlantists”

Chapter 19: Good and Evil; The ‘Inexpressible’ Mystery of Evil (http://www.altanthroInfo.org/goodevil.htm)


G. A. Bondarev

«Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophie der Freiheit’ as the Foundation of the Logic of Beholding Thinking. Religion of the Thinking Will. Organon of the New Cultural Epoch. Vol. 1»

An introduction to Anthroposophical Methodology and a complete analysis of Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom (Spiritual Activity)’, Gennady Bondarev’s ‘Organon’ demonstrates that the methodology intrinsic to Anthroposophy is fundamental and capable of unifying all modern sciences as it describes the monistic sensible-supersensible reality. Through its anthropocentric and ontological character, the methodology’s actualization implies an evolutionary change of both the human subject and the process of cognition itself. Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental epistemological work is thereby shown to be the foundation for the development of a new kind of ‘beholding’ thinking – what Goethe began to experience and called “anschauende Urteilskraft”. This is volume 1 of 3. The volumes, taken together, contain a completely new translation of ‘Die Philosophie der Freiheit’ by Graham B. Rickett. Paperback , 276 pages, us$ 28.-

Orders: http://www.amazon.com/SteinerS-Philosophie-Foundation-Beholding-Thinking/dp/1105057658/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358520504&sr=8-1&keywords=bondarev+steiner


The concluding section of Bondarev’s book on the Ukraine:

«Die Ereignisse in der Ukraine und ein mögliches Szenario der Zukunft», Teil 1 – translated by Graham Rickett



Graham Rickett’s translated Summary of Gioele Magaldi’s book «Massoni»:

The Power in the (Masonic) Apron; United Freemasons for Globalization, Part 1, Section 4: War and Peace; Summary of the Chapters 1 to 9


Irene Diet:

«Imprisoned in the Spiritual Void»

Forword. See review in the Newspaper “Sphere” of the New Zealand Society.


More highly interesting books:

Antony C. Sutton: America’s Secret Establishment: i.e. Skull and Bones


Eustace Mullins: Secrets of the Federal Reserve

[One document] SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE By Eustace Mullins

Edmond Paris, The Secret History of Jesuits, 1975


L. H. Lehmann, Behind the Dictators, 1942


Richard WiggintonThompson, The Footprints of the Jesuit, New York 1894


Edith Starr-Miller, Occult Theocrazy, Paris, 1933


Eric Jon Phleps, Vatican Assassins, 3rd edition


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