The Brotherhood of the Shadows - Hidden powers of opposition, and how they work

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Heinz Pfeifer

The Brotherhood of the Shadows -

Hidden powers of opposition, and how they work

Heinz Pfeifer (b. 1910) explored for many decades the question: What forces are at work behind the scene of world events? In this he drew inspiration and guidance from numerous indications given by Rudolf Steiner in lectures held particularly during the period of the First World War.

The fruits of Pfeifer’s wide-ranging and penetrating research were published in a book «Die Brüder des Schattens» in three editions in the 1980’s. In view of the ongoing crises in the new millennium and the unique value of Pfeifer’s work in providing a key to their background, Swiss publisher W. Lochmann took on the task of revising, expanding and updating the text for a new, posthumous edition (Pfeifer died in 1990).

It is hoped that this English edition will enable a wider public to see through the veils of deception that hide the powerful working of the forces of opposition in our time.

Contents: Editor's Preface; I. Shadows over Humanity: „Those in the Dark can't be seen“, Ceremonial Magic, Forms of Rulership. II. Messianism as a Means of political Agitation: The Catholic Church, Jesuitism, Zionism. III. Secret Societies: Freemasons and their Lodges, Circles - from Grey to Black, The Illuminati, Downfall of the Monarchies, The French Revolution and Napoleon. IV. Strategist of Power: The British as a "Chosen People", Freemasonry as an Instrument of Power, The Testament of Peter the Great, Democracy or Democratorship? V. Impulses opposed to the Necessities of Evolution: American Happiness Culture, The Battle against the European Middle, Germany and Zionism, Zionism and National Socialism, Politics and Spiritualism, Sozialist Experiments in the East, Fabianism and Social Democracy in the West, Control of U.S. Policy, Methods of B'nai B'rith, A profitable First World War, EU – Holy Roman Empire of European Nation. VI. The Imperial World Order: The Pilgrims, Skull & Bones, The Rothschilds, The Warburgs, The Rockefellers, The Federal Reserve System, Control of the Global Financial Systems, High Finance and the State of Israel, The Dartmouth Conferences, Transatlantic Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, League of Nations and UNO. VII. Dirty Business: Secret Services, Drugs, Mafia, Terrorists as useful Idiots, Neo-Liberalism via Shock Therapy. VIII. Light above Humanity: Social Threefolding.

2011, 250 pages, € 29.- / SFr. 32.-, ISBN 978-3-906712-44-4

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